About Us - Jskilz Management Pvt Ltd

JskilZ Management founded in the year 2014 by a team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in various segments of Industries, Education, IT services n Projects. Its headquarters is in the heart of Delhi NCR (Noida). We have expanded our satellite offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Gwalior.
Our values – By truly understanding our candidates and clients, locally and globally, we help people and companies achieve their goals. Our values aim to reflect this promise. Our values underpin our skills, behaviors, and way of doing business. These values are:

We are open

Within JskilZ Management we focus to have an attitude of awareness and looking ahead. We are attuned to the others.
We are energetic and Flexible. We constantly re-adapt and optimize our approaches of our clients and of the markets.
Our management style and our general approach favours informality over formality and pragmatism over theory.

We are Enthusiastic

Within Adexen we value the desire and capacity to take risks and explore new, different paths. For us this also implies the ability to endure and overcome failure.
We are a people business so we are passionate about creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with. Our enthusiasm compels us to find the right person and the right solutions, believing this is fundamental to improving their life and work.
Appetite for the challenge:
Characterized by the optimistic, enthusiastic and almost physical desire to grow and take the lead. As a result of our commitment and our organization, we constantly try to anticipate and to exceed our clients’ expectations in order to provide them with a top quality service.

We are Human

Our approach emphasizes dialogue, transparency, and teamwork.
JskilZ Management pays attention to the safety of people and acts pro-socially and is environmentally friendly.
Respectful of human worth:
We consider that human worth should be a company’s top priority.
In order to respect this, we act with humility, objectivity, and generosity regardless of our differences.


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Address: A-74, 4th Floor, Noida Sec 2

Ph. No. : 0120-4279926