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Land surveying is basically an art and science of mapping and measuring land. Here at Jskilz, we are one of the leading surveying project related company that helps clients with their surveying projects.

GIS Mapping Services: Taking Land Surveying Projects to the Next Level

Surveyors depend on a variety of software and technology together existing information, collect new information, analyze data, produce plans, manage projects, and deliver accurate data.
Geographic information system (GIS) technology brings this functionality and more to one place, providing a central location to conduct spatial analysis, overlay data, and integrate other solutions and systems. GIS is built on a database rather than individual project files, enabling surveyors to easily manage, reuse, share, and analyze data, saving them time.

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Surveyors play a central role in a range of government agencies and private organizations, from planning and construction to engineering and land boundary determination. GIS software solutions are interoperable with the many data formats used in the field and office, allowing surveyors to provide data to various agencies in the required format while maintaining the data’s core integrity.

Our Experts have vast experience under constraints of resources, time and war in:

  • Construction of Extensive Roads, Airfields, Bridges, Water Supply, Drainage and Construction Projects.
  • Topographical Surveys and Mapping, Arial Photography, Remote Sensing, Geographical Positioning and Information Systems (GPS & GIS).

Our Specialization

We specialize in undertaking GIS contracting services for various counties and municipalities to create, update and maintain the GIS data using GIS Mapping & conversion, Digital Image Processing, Landbase Data Mapping, Rectification of Orthophotographs, Conversion of paper maps to GIS etc.

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