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Organizations today have a wide range of business requirements which determine their need for short-term staffing solutions. These needs can arise from a multitude of variables including workforce levels, business flexibility, economic peaks, and troughs; staff leaves - maternity and otherwise - special or short term projects, etc. An increasing number of companies are also using temporary placements as a 'trial' technique prior to nominating permanent employees.

Our team of specialist recruiters provides candidates for both office support and professional roles, in small and large organizations. Our service encompasses administration, reception, secretarial, accountancy, bookkeeping, HR, marketing, sales, and IT roles, as well as specialized staff to help out with jobs requiring hard to find skills which we will take care of the natty gritty of payroll services, payment of salary, legal compliances etc.

Our Esteemed Clients

Our Vision:-

We envision reaching the zenith of success in the Recruitment Sector while exactly catering to the needs of the clients by recruiting suitable manpower and designing and implementing personalized Human Resource Management Strategies.

Our Team:-

Our team comprises of well-qualified and experienced Human Resource Professionals. Some of our team members have had years of experience in different sectors. Thus, the team capable understands the need of every industry and develops customized Recruitment Solutions.

Why Us?

  • Large databank of candidate profiles
  • Experienced and well-qualified team
  • Speedy and systematic services
  • Round-the-clock assistance
  • Customer-centric approach

We develop a clear understanding of the industry-specific requirements at the client’s company, its work culture, and rules & regulations. Accordingly, only suitable candidates are directed towards the job vacancy.

Contingent Search/Permanent Placement/Direct Hire/Employment Agency Services

Demorgia will work with each client to define the skills, culture, environment, and reporting structure that is critical to each position. When you’re confident that direct hire to a permanent position is the way to go, we make sure we find the best possible candidates for the job.

Temp to Hire/ Temp to Permanent

This type of hiring allows a company (our client) to give a worker an opportunity to fulfill the needs of a position, help with increased work demands, or fill a seasonal industry fluctuation. The company can decide at the end of the trial period if the employee will become permanent or if the position is over. If the employee is not placed on a permanent basis, we can help them find another position.

Temporary Staffing

We also help companies fulfill short-term needs for supplementing existing staff or filling in for absent employees.

Long Term Staffing

Demorgia also specializing in placing employees in long-term assignments for indefinite periods of time. These include project related assignments found in the technical and professional sectors.

Disability Placements

Our team also provides disability placements, a service that allows disabled persons to find employment opportunities that maximize their talents.

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